NAKASHI | Quality LED Lighting In Dubai

A Reputable LED Supplier in the UAE

Nakashi is one of the most prominent LED light suppliers in the UAE. We provide our clients with modern, technologically advanced lighting products. Our LED lights in Dubai can be used indoors and outdoors, in residential and commercial areas. Our aim is to provide lighting fixtures that not only add great value to the decor, but also serve for a long period maintaining the aesthetics.

LED Flexible Strips


  • Glare-free and relaxed illumination with uniformity throughout the area.
  • Wide spread light fulfilling the need of modern general lighting from coves and evenly illuminating the niches.
  • Dense copper PCB with high CRI and excellent colour consistency.
  • Dimming capability to set the mood.
  • Quality warranty of FIVE (5) years.

LED Spot Downlights


  • Ceiling deep recessed light fixtures making any flat area stand out.
  • Highlighting elements to attract gaze.
  • Engineered to be extremely anti glare.
  • Since the fixtures will always be directly visible, choice of frame colours and baffle colours are provided to match the interior space.
  • Carefully chosen LED ensuring uniform light spread.
  • High purity Aluminium and smooth powder coat finish.
  • Quality warranty of SEVEN (7) years.
LED Neon Flex NT12-LV (Red)

LED Neon Flex


  • Outdoor linear lighting with soft and dot free illumination for direct visiblity.
  • Flame proof, Saltwater and UV resistant silicon body engineered to withstand harsh GCC weather conditions.
  • Suitable for underwater application with availability of IP rating of up to IP68.
  • Lock Mechanism Aluminium profiles providing the possibility of upside down installation.
  • Quality warranty of TEN (10) years.