Copper Belt & PCB

Total of 8oz copper with 12mm width

Extremely Robust

High tensile strength of 79.06 kgf

Flame, Saltwater, UV Resistant

Withstanding harsh outdoor weather conditions

up to IP68 rating

Underwater worry free application


0-10V, TRIAC (Phase cut), DALI

TEN (10) year warranty

Quality and performance Assurance


NT09 4.5W/m Horizontal W9xH18mm

NT10 4.5W/m Horizontal W10xH10mm

NT10 4.5W/m Vertical W10xH10mm

NT11 12W/m Horizontal W11.5xH21mm

NT12 12W/m Horizontal W11.5xH29mm

NT16 12W/m Horizontal W16xH17mm

NT16 12W/m Vertical W16xH17mm

LED Neon Flex models have designated accessories such as Aluminium profiles (with lock mechanism), Front connectors, End caps. Other accessories that can be offered are Power Supplies, Controllers, Power Repeaters, etc. In order to maintain IP rating of IP68 (underwater application), Neon flex needs be manufactured to the precise length.