3-Step MacAdam

Tight BIN Control for colour consistency

CRI >90 Ra

True colour representation and excellent ambience

Anti Glare

Engineered to cut Glare and effectively light up the space

Colour Options

Flexibility to choose frame and baffle colours based on interior design


0-10V, TRIAC (Phase cut), DALI

SEVEN (7) year warranty

Quality and performance Assurance

Product Configurator

Immerse yourself into trying all options available. All product images and the light throw are actual images.

Round 9.7W

Square 11.1W

Round 14W

Round 20.4W

Square 20.4W

Round 29.8W

Square 29.8W


Images of projects done using these Spot Downlights. Bright light on the floor but no light visible from the source in the ceiling. Extremely Anti glare.

Each model of LED Spot Downlights is paired and provided with a constant current power supply (with set current value). These power supplies can be provided as Standard on/off (Non-dimmable) or TRIAC / 0-10V / DALI (Dimmable).