Portable UV-C Germicidal Bar

Sterilizes and Kill Germs & Bacteria

Best for Restaurant, Café, Hotels, Home and Office Use

PROTECTION: Nakashi UVC sterilization Bar has been tested in approved laboratories, and it shows the UVC Dosage of 3760 ul/cm2 has been proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (99.9%)

SMART: Integrated Smart Sensors to activate Child Lock and prevent against exposure to harmful UV-C light.

QUALITY: Nakashi UVC germicidal bar is using 10 UVC Led-Chip, which provides a more sterilizing effect from other devices with has UV lights lamps

WARRANTY: Nakashi UVC germicidal bar’s build quality is best in the market and is providing 3 yrs of warranty that shows our belief in the product.

USAGE: Simply switch on and scan surface area at distance of <3cm to kill bacteria, germs and viruses.Optimum for home (delivery boxes, clothes, tablewares, etc), office (desks, laptops, mobiles, etc) and travel (chairs, pillows, etc) use.

PORTABLE: Conveniently store in handbag or backpack.

Germicidal Rate 99.9%
Power 3 W
Wavelength 270-280 nm
Charging Time 300 mins for full charge
Operation Time 180 mins on a single charge
Size L350 x W22 mm
IP Rating IP20
Warranty 3 years
WARNING: Avoid direct UV-C light exposure to Eye and Skin
UV-C Dosage proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (99.9%)
3760 uJ/cm2
Dosage Calculation:
Radiation Flux (uW/cm2) x Time (sec) = Dosage (uJ/cm2)
Surface Scan Distance Radiation Flux [Scan Time req]
At 2 cm 840 uW/cm2 [5 secs]
At 5 cm 220 uW/cm2 [17 secs]
At 10 cm 66 uW/cm2 [57 secs]
At 30 cm 18 uW/cm2 [209 secs]

AED 269.00 incl. VAT

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High Grade Materials: Quality finishing
Rechargeable: USB Type-C charging port
Smart Sensor: Turns off UV-C light during rotation of angle >45° to avoid harm
High Capacity Battery: 2400 mAh
HQ UV-C LED: Wavelength of 270 – 280 nm
High operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C
Warranty (limited): 3 years (Battery warranty: 1 year)