4 Most Useful Applications for LED Flexible Strips

4 Most Useful Applications for LED Flexible Strips

More and more people in homes and offices all over the world are looking to have LED lights installed. As someone who works in construction as a contractor, subcontractor or consultant, it is essential that you recognize how vital LED lights are becoming for many clients and locate opportunities for you to present them as an option.

In all scenarios, LED strip lights offer an excellent way to increase energy efficiency and produce great lighting designs for residences, buildings, and any space where lights are left switched on for a prolonged amount of time.

LED lights also come with more remarkable advantages compared to more traditional lighting options, such as having a longer lifespan, using less power, the capability of being installed almost anywhere, and being highly efficient.

If you want to learn more opportunities to convince your clients to switch to LED options, here are four of the most useful applications for LED flexible strips.

1. Create accent lighting.

LED flexible strips are perfect for creating accent lighting in dimly lit areas as they can be installed to focus on plants or other art-fixtures, presenting a visual break to an otherwise consistent color. This creates an interesting visual and helps to keep excitement in the room.

You can install LED flexible strips as accent lighting into many kitchen cabinets or in ceiling coves. They can be an addition to a client’s closet, on shelves, in an entertainment center, or in the molding.

Additionally, LED lights can be installed in a manner that allows them to shine a spotlight on important documents or possessions, such as books, art, framed degrees, or certificates. In all these scenarios, LED lights are still the right choice.

There are many ways to use LED flexible strips to create accent lighting in a home, and there are also a wide enough array of options for LED home lights on the market to ensure that your client can find the one that has the appropriate effect and purpose for their needs.

No matter where clients opt to install these LED lights, they can be assured that the LED lights will seek to improve the overall ambience of their home and will bring both a pragmatic and aesthetic value to the house.

2. Light up property pathways (and the rest of the outdoors).

LED lights are perfect for outdoor lighting needs because they are the most dynamic type of light due to their low energy requirement and comparatively small size.

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful applications for LED flexible strips is to light up a client’s pathways to decrease the likelihood of injury when people are walking in the dark. No matter how winding or dark their path currently is, you will be able to find them the appropriate high-lumen flexible LED strip to be used to light it.

Note, however, that when it comes to your outdoors, it isn’t just the pathways that can benefit from the addition of LED flexible strips. Lawns will look more enjoyable with the installation of accent lighting, and they will add a significant amount of ambience to the landscape. What’s more, you can install accent LED lighting that provides a dimmer effect for when homeowners want to set the mood outdoors.

Alternatively, spruce up the deck or pond with LED lights to ensure that they are appreciated at all times of the day and year.

Be aware, though, that the particular outdoor location where you intend to use LED flexible strips should be assessed first. While LED flexible strips can be used outdoors, they are not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. For this reason, experts would recommend using waterproof strips and ensuring that the lights are not exposed to direct sunlight.

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate LED flexible strips into your clients’ landscaping design, speak with professional LED lighting suppliers to start going over the potential options.

3. Ensure your workers are operating in a safe and productive environment.

Similar to the reasons for using LED flexible strips to light up pathways, you can also install them in areas to ensure that any and all employees are operating in a safe environment with minimal hazards. In other words, see to it that employees can always see where they are going.

Generally, LED panels are the best products for use in commercial spaces. However, LED flexible strips can be used within aluminum profiles that come in numerous designs and seem to be unique linear lighting fixtures. Take note that strips are not recommended to be installed and used directly.

As LED lights project a constant bright but not harsh light, they often quickly reduce any eye strain from which employees are suffering. Furthermore, due to the direction of their wavelength, they cut down the plausibility of bright reflections.

4. Beautify your office space.

In addition to using LED flexible strips to help create the ideal office atmosphere for employees, they can also be used with the intention of beautifying an office space (for both employees and clients or visitors).

For example, by installing LED strip lighting into a waiting area or lobby, the firm is taking a significant step forward in creating a comfortable mood in the area that has a calming effect for those who find themselves waiting there.

Have you installed LED strip lights anywhere? What changes have they made in your life? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!