5 Types of LED Products for Enhanced, Efficient Illumination

LED Products

Due to the technological advancements that have transpired over the past couple of years, purchasing LED bulbs has never been a better option. For decades, homes have been lit by incandescent bulbs, but not for much longer.

Not only are they far better for the environment and a surefire way of saving money in the long run (they boast an impressive lifespan of 20+ years), but they also are incredibly flexible.

What does flexible mean?

Well, you have incandescent bulbs that thrust out their light in all directions and angles. LED lighting doesn’t do this. Instead, LED bulbs directionally project their light, allowing you to focus the light exactly where you (or your room) needs it the most.

This means that LED lighting can be used for almost any purpose and in virtually any scenario. Incandescent bulbs are notably restrained regarding their applications, but LED lighting can come in a myriad of possible designs.

If you are new to LED lighting, then you obviously want to learn about your options, as there are so many varieties on the market. Before you head to your local store to make a purchase, here are five types of LED products for enhanced, efficient illumination, as described by our team here at Nakashi, a reputable UAE-based LED light supplier.

1. LED Downlights

Undoubtedly the most popular type of LED fixture, homeowners are flocking to purchase LED downlights as a result of their efficiency, durability and safety.

  • Why are they so efficient? Because they only need a small portion of the energy that other more conventional lighting solutions require.
  • Why are they so durable? Because LED light bulbs are far less prone to shattering should they be dropped or sustain an external force.
  • Why are they so safe? Because the bulbs of LED downlights generate a lot less heat than older light bulbs, they cause a lot less harm to the fixture itself — ensuring they are more reliable than conventional lighting solutions.

Generally, LED downlights are installed into the ceiling, which enables you to have the most design flexibility possible.

2. LED Spotlights

Despite general assumptions, spotlights are not the same as downlights. Whereas downlights are for lighting an entire room, spotlights are installed for ornamental reasons and powerful accent lighting.

They work best when lighting up mantelpieces, displaying products in galleries or stores and working with light in rooms.

LED spotlights can be made in various colors, ensuring that whichever option you chose is customized exactly how you envision it.

3. LED Panel Lights

The most popular choice for industrial settings, offices and commercial spaces, LED panel lights are top-of-the-line interior lights and some of the brightest on the market.

With a simple design and appearance but powerful illumination, these are a go-to choice for contractors and subcontractors.

Made from aluminium alloy, these bright LED lights can be purchased with varying powers from 12W to 85W.

Due to their intense brightness, LED panel lights are not usually used in homes and need to be purchased from the best suppliers of LED panel lights for general or commercial lighting.

Additionally, wide beam angle and diffused light results in efficiently filling up the area with soft light. Multiple fixtures in a room eliminate shadows or leave any dark area. LED panel lights are thus best for work spaces.

4. LED Floodlights

For large, outdoor areas (such as sports stadiums, playgrounds, warehouses), LED floodlights are the ideal option. They produce an incredible amount of bright white light (far more than other lights on the market) that gets disseminated around in a widespread angle.

Just like all LED light options, LED floodlights are a budget-friendly, dependable and long-lasting possibility.

5. LED Spike Lights

For gardening needs, LED spike lights are the answer. Designed to perfectly illuminate flower beds, borders, and other floral fancies, these are some of the most flexible LED products.

No matter what the outdoor space, LED spike lights are offered in a variety of coatings, wattages and elevations, ensuring their versatility.

If you are looking to purchase spike lights for your garden, or a client’s home, make sure to contact a distinguished, reliable supplier.

Main Concerns?

One of the main concerns about LEDs is the initial price; however, it is imperative that you view them as a long-term investment, because the real value in using LEDs is the payback time.

When compared to incandescent bulbs and light fittings, LEDs unquestionably outlast them as they experience a decline in light produced, rather than a swift burnout. That is why most LEDs maintain their luminance for up to two decades of average use prior to beginning to dim. And since they are long-lasting, they maintain the aesthetic look, original design and feel.

Additionally, by using LEDs, you are helping to save the planet. In fact, it is thought that by exchanging only one light bulb to LED, a business or family can decrease the amount of their energy consumption by 70-90 percent.

How is this possible?

Well, incandescent bulbs only convert 10 percent of their power into light, while the other 90% of energy is wasted as heat. On the contrary, LED lighting transforms 95% of the energy it consumes into light — making it more efficient, more economical, and more environment-friendly.

Have you or any of your clients switched to using LED lighting? Which option do you find most people gravitating towards? Let us know your experiences with LED lighting in the comments below!