Portable UV-C Germicidal Light

Top 10 Ways to Sanitize Your Home, Office and Gadgets with UV-C Germicidal Bar

Increase in the COVID-19 cases and fear of infection is making everyone anxious. Work-life, schools, shopping, entertainment, etc. are slowly coming back to normal, but it is still scary as places and things we touch can be potential sources of infection. The UVC Light Sterilizer bar available in Dubai is a boon during these times. A portable and easily manageable UVC sanitizer that kills germs and bacteria is a much wanted and in-demand product. It can be used to sterilize multiple things, places and areas to keep you and your family safe.

The top 10 uses of UVC Germicidal Light Bar

1. Laptops

Laptops, tablets, desktops, keyboards are known to be full of germs. Your gadgets are exposed to external environments – offices, office colleagues, meeting areas, client offices etc. you are prone to attract germs in many ways. In other words, the COVID virus that transmits through droplet can unknowingly find a place between crevices and screens of your laptops. You can use the UV Sterilizer Bar, a portable and safe product to clean the gadgets and carry on with your work without worrying.

Portable UV-C Germicidal Light
UVC Germicidal bar for sanitizing keyboard laptop


2. Keys & Mobiles

We do not realize how many times we keep our keys and mobile in different places, touch them most frequently after keeping them on a shop counter, going in a lift, placing it on a conference table and many more such places. Our excessive interaction with them during our daily chores and work makes us susceptible to infection. Using liquid sanitizer often may damage their electronics. The safe option is to scan them for a few seconds under the UV Germicidal bar.

Portable UV-C Germicidal Light
UVC Germicidal bar for sanitizing keys, mobile


3. Reception desk documents

Documents, couriers, visitors, stationary etc. are among the few objects that the reception area is exposed daily. Each is a potential for spreading the virus. Keep your staff, yourself and your office COVID19 free by using the UVC light sterilizer bar each time a new item arrives at your reception desk.


4. Salons

Salons and beauty parlours are functioning in full swing. The numbers at each centre are limited at one time. However, the multiple areas in the salons are exposed and susceptible to infection. Droplet infection increases when exposure is higher and the possibility of contact is more. You can ensure your salon is safe and reassure your clients by regularly sanitizing reception, chairs, tools, equipment and towels using the UVC germicidal bar which portable and very easy to use.

Portable UV-C Germicidal Light
UVC Germicidal bar for sanitizing salons


5. School books

Children spend a long period of time sifting through their books in school. Even if they don’t share books among each other, they may touch different things and it later is transmitted to books. To keep them free of germs it is a good practice to sanitize their books. In addition, you can sanitize bags, pencil box, study areas, mats, calculators, etc. in just a few minutes using the germicidal UVC light.


6. Toys

Playtime keeps children engaged with toys, games on gadgets and playmats. Each time your child is ready to relax and explore, take their toys disinfect it using UVC light bar and hand it over to play. When they are safe, you are stress-free. Note: Do not let children handle the UVC Germicidal bar. Ensure the child lock is on when not in use.

Portable UV-C Germicidal Light
UVC Germicidal bar for sanitizing kids toys, play area


7. Online Delivery Packages

If you are looking to disinfect delivery packages, the portable UVC germicidal bar is perfect, above all keep your mind at ease. You no longer need to wait in anticipation to open your shopping after keeping it in the sun or outside the house or waste a lot of liquid sanitizing gel. Just disinfect the box in few seconds by scanning the surface and enjoy your purchase.

Portable UV-C Germicidal Light

UVC Germicidal bar for sanitizing delivery boxes

8. Grocery bags

Each time we purchase groceries we wash our hands, spray the sanitizer, wipe the bags, packets and covers multiple times. There is always the fear of the virus present on products from the grocery store as there are so many people who visit the store and chance of spreading the injection is really high. It is time-consuming and tedious when you have a lot of chores to complete. Save your time by using the UVC light bar and be germ-free.


9. Music keyboard/instruments

Many kids are learning musical instruments, some take it to their tutor, some tutors come home and teach. Either way, instruments are prone to get infected. It is always advisable to swipe the keyword or guitar or flute with the UVC sterilizer lamp before you let children handle it.


10. Sofas

We have to learn to live in the post COVID times safely, yet meet with friends and family. We may meet less often, but we can’t avoid it altogether. When people visit us at our homes, they may have come in contact with several objects and things from the external environment which could be harbouring germs. One of the best ways to ensure your home and living area where you may have entertained guest is not infected is to swipe the surface of sofas, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs a few times using the portable UVC Germicidal light bar, now available in Dubai.


Studies show that UV lights are quite effective in disinfecting surfaces. The UV radiation has the power to break the DNA chemical bonds of germs. Similarly, UV light sterilizer available in Dubai destroys the genetic code of harmful microbes and make them ineffective.  The wavelength, exposure, duration and power intensity are the crucial factors that need to be determined in order to get the desired level of sterilization.


Considering the current scenario, Nakashi has, therefore, launched a special product known as UVC Germicidal light, in the UAE to control the growth rate of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. You can buy this at a discounted rate now. The UV Germicidal portable bar has rapid 5sec sterilization, durable aluminium body, 3-year warranty, easily managed and portable.  The few seconds of exposure are sufficient to kill the harmful germs. Simply switch on the UV light sterilizer and scan over the affected area to make it free from germs and microbes, view the videos in the article. We ensure that this small step is quite capable to keep the users safe at their place. It is simple to use and convenient to store.