How lighting affects our moods

Modern office lighting

Have you ever felt lethargic on a well-rested day? Do you suddenly feel exasperated when you enter a place? Seldom, do we realise it’s the lighting of the office/venue which makes you feel this way. Yes, the intensity of light could have an impact on the intensity of our emotions.

Scientists claim that the amount of lighting affects how our emotions are regulated ie: the extent of happiness or sadness through our nervous and endocrine systems.

When light falls to the retina, it is transmitted to the hypothalamus, an endocrine gland that controls circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms dictate a person’s biological clock and influence physiologic variables such as melatonin secretion, cortical activity, and alertness. When lighting is inadequate or irrelevant these rhythms are interrupted, hence affecting the brain’s physiologic variables.

Artists and interior designers have now understood that colors can affect our emotions and mood, hence mood lighting has become popular. This is why the rooms in hospitals are usually green and have warm white light as this combination calms the body and reduces stress. Similarly, fast food restaurants have bright lighting as they want you to get out of there quickly whereas restaurants want you to linger around longer, hence use dim and atmospheric lighting.

This is one of the reasons why more suicides take place in countries with lesser daytime. Does that mean you need to discard your blinds so you will be cheery all the time, NOT REALLY. Below are a few ways to brighten up your office/home:

  • Since bright light can increase your energy and alertness, it is recommended to have more light at workplaces and dim lights or warmer color temperature (2700K or 3000K) at home especially to wind down during evenings.
  • In order to boost your mood switch to full spectrum light bulbs (5000K) as these replicate natural light.
  • Alternatively, if you like your current light and don’t want to tamper it, open some blinds and let natural light in. The influx of natural light will have the same effect as full spectrum bulbs.

So, now you know that the availability of ambient light at home or work space is the most critical consideration. Thanks to LED technology and the various options of strip lights, downlights, spotlights you can create ample beautiful light with low energy costs and incredible durability wherever you desire.

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