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How to Make the Most of Your Chandeliers at Home

These days, crystal chandeliers are a common fixture in almost every area in the home. It is not difficult to comprehend why this is the case given the wide variety of styles available.

A homeowner can beautify a modest alcove, create an appealing entryway, or add a lovely touch to the dining room or bedroom with extravagant looks in crystal, bronze, antique brass, and other materials.

These looks can be found in a wide variety of price points. Continue reading for some helpful pointers as well as some unexpected ideas for incorporating chandeliers and hanging lights into your designs.

Regarding the Dining Room:

We’re confident that all one needs to do is type the phrase “dining room” to evoke in the minds of the vast majority of people an image of an elegant table illuminated by an ornate chandelier.

Even while that connection certainly wasn’t given much care, installing a chandelier in your own dining room does require some forethought and organization.

There are two general guidelines to follow here:

1. The bottom of a chandelier should never go lower than a quarter of an inch over the table.

2. It should be approximately six inches shorter on each side than the width of the table it is attached to.

If you want to achieve the classic aesthetic of a chandelier but have a larger room to decorate, consider using numerous smaller chandeliers rather than one enormous chandelier, which could make the room appear cluttered.

For the Living Room:

Double chandeliers are an excellent choice for those of you who have a living room and dining room combined into one huge room, or for those of you whose den features a number of different seating locations. This will also assist the room giving the appearance of being more coherent.

For the Kitchen: Even though it’s one of the rooms in the home that’s considered to be more “useful,” a chandelier can provide the ideal ambiance to your kitchen, making even the most mundane activities feel like they’re being done in a more elegant setting.

The 30-inch rule is generally accepted for chandelier placement in dining rooms; however, if the chandelier is to be hung over an island or open countertop, it should be placed slightly higher so that it does not restrict your range of motion.

For the Entryway:

A chandelier or pendant in the foyer adds a needed focal point, and if you have a window over your door or off the staircase, it will add unforgettably dramatic effects both within and outside the home. Just check to see that the light is aligned properly with the window, in the event that you do possess one.

To get the appropriate size light fixture for your entryway, simply add the length and width of the area, and then convert that number to inches to get your final answer. For instance, if the dimensions of your foyer are 12 meters by 12 meters, the width of your chandelier should be approximately 24 inches.

To be Used in the Bathroom:

The installation of a chandelier in the lavatory may seem like an unusual choice, but it is one that will make the space feel more individualized and luxurious. Be sure that whichever fixture you select is suitable for installation in damp areas before you buy it.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home using chandeliers and are concerned about the designs, the ambiance, or what kind of lights to install, our team can be of great assistance. Get in touch here.

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