How To Choose The Right Color Temperature

It can be difficult to find the right kind of LED fixture when shopping. For instance, the needs of the room must be considered when selecting the appropriate light temperature. So let’s first learn what an LED component’s color temperature is.

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The number used to quantify the color on a warm to cool spectrum is called the color temperature. Kelvin is the unit used to measure color temperature (K). The majority of LED lights are available in various color temperatures.

CCT stands for correlated color temperature. On a scale from 1000K to 10000K, the warm (yellow) and cool (blue) temperature tones are measured.

What color temperature is best suited for you?

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For residential LED lighting fixtures, the Kelvin temperature ranges from 2500K to 5000K. Warm light is typically defined as having a temperature of 3000K or less. The cool lighting ranges from 4000K and above, with 3500K serving as the neutral temperature.

The majority of LED lights with colour temperatures over 4000K are installed in commercial establishments and healthcare facilities. As a result, the lighting is extremely harsh for the interior of a house and very bright.

Some task lights with a 4000K color temperature are beneficial for the person working in the basement of their home or at their desk at work.

How to choose the perfect light temperature for your home?

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  • The living room is the central gathering place in a home. For better illumination, it ought to be sufficiently bright. Dimmer use can create the ideal atmosphere while reducing energy use. The recommended color temperature range is 2700K–3000K.
  • Bright light is necessary in the kitchen for all activities, including cooking and eating meals with your family. The recommended color temperature range is 2700K–4000K.
  • Bathroom – A more tranquil and bright bathroom space is required. For better grooming, frontal brightness is delivered to the face by the LED vanity mirrors. The recommended color temperature range is 3000K–4000K.
  • The most private area of the house is the bedroom. Generally speaking, a bedroom needs a serene and calm lighting environment. The ideal lighting temperature for the bedroom is between 2700K and 3000K.

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