DIY LED Light Strips for Mirror: Practical Advice

Many individuals want makeup mirrors with lights or even light-decorated mirrors for other uses but the expensive costs put them off. Do you know that you can add lights to your plain mirror to give it a more appealing and classic appearance?

Just browse for a wholesale led strip light store, choose the strip light, and get started. This guide will lead you through the process of easily and inexpensively transforming normal mirrors into exceptionally bright LED makeup mirrors.

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What Are the Requirements for Mirror Lighting?

Before you can start placing LED lights in your mirror, you need three things.

Led Strip Light

Despite the fact that LED strips are quite cheap, you must choose the proper light strip for your application. Several factors need to be taken into account before selecting the best led light strip. For example, the setting and the impact you wish to achieve. For moist regions, you might require a weatherproof LED light strip, or cool white hues to create a cool atmosphere. Think about trusted led strip light producers if you want high-quality goods at reasonable costs.

Power Supply

LED mirrors obviously require an electrical source to illuminate the LED bulbs inside of them. Electricity is also needed to run LED mirrors that have extra features like a demister pad, touch sensor, or Bluetooth speakers. A light-emitting diode is simply referred to as a “LED” when discussing LED mirrors. The LED strip lights for mirrors must be linked to a power source in order to operate because LED bulbs require an electrical current to function.

Electric Wires

The connection to a wall switch has been pre-programmed into each LED mirror. The connecting connections for the mirror are made to plug into the wall’s regular lighting circuit wiring just behind where the mirror will be put. However, there are numerous wiring techniques available depending on the type of mirror.

How To Pick LED Strip Lighting For A Mirror

Location: When purchasing LED strip mirror lights for your mirror, one of the first considerations should be the location of the mirror. This will be crucial in deciding the kind of lighting you need. The salon and makeup station should have adequate illumination, while the led lights in the bedrooms and bathrooms should be subdued. Strip lighting is perfect for enhancing the mood in a space.

Size: Light strips are available in a range of lengths, with longer ones being more expensive. Naturally, if a light strip is too long, it can be chopped short or you can try to wrap it twice around the mirror. To prevent wastage, it is important to measure the size of the mirror before making a strip light purchase.

Color: Use RGB colour light strips and adjust the colours to your mood to create a unique and fascinating environment. Use dazzling white or warm white instead if you don’t need many colours. Although it can seem straightforward, your decision could make the entire makeup mirror stand out. If you want to adjust the brightness to fit your mood, you can alternatively choose an LED light strip with a dimming capability.

Dimmable: Before choosing one, you should be aware of some of the main benefits of LED strip lights. Due to their ability to be dimmed, LED lights are all the more alluring. They can be made to beam brightly or even dimmed to produce a soft glow. Your room’s lighting might become much more intimate by being dimmed. A personalised LED light strip can also be used to enhance the atmosphere. Mirrors in bathrooms or bedrooms are excellent for LED lights that have been dimmed.

Waterproof: You need to think about if your mirror will be in a dry environment like a bathroom or a humid one like a bedroom. Be sure to select a waterproof LED light strip if you plan to use it in a bathroom. However, you won’t need to be concerned about this aspect if you’re hanging it on a bedroom makeup mirror.

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