Choosing an LED Lights Supplier: A Guide for Contractors

As more people are learning about the benefits of LED lights — which include radical reduction of CO2 emissions and running costs, lower maintenance, longer lifespan, and instant switch-on — the demand for this newer technology is growing.

For contractors, LED lights produce an additional bonus; frequently, the products are able to attach straight to existing fittings due to the retrofitting options that are available. This decreases the process of the installation as well as the expense.

That being said, as a contractor, it can be overwhelming to find the best LED lights supplier in Dubai with whom you feel comfortable enough. After all, there is no easy way to know whether or not a new supplier is merely shouting grandiose claims or is genuinely a high-quality, high-performing supplier.

You don’t want to only look at the lowest cost option, as the lower quality can potentially destroy any minimal savings due to the costs associated with the necessary long-term maintenance.

Additionally, as there is such an abundance of LED products on the market, you also want to ensure that you are choosing suppliers who are likely to have the most thorough understanding of the products that you are interested in.

To make this a lot easier for you, read on for a contractor’s guide to choosing an LED lights supplier.

1. You want to choose one that provides product recommendations.

First and foremost, just as with choosing any supplier, when selecting an LED lights supplier, you want to pick a firm that you trust, with excellent product and utilization expertise. After all, there are so many LED light products on the market that you can’t be up-to-speed with every new launch.

Therefore, it is essential that you opt to work with an LED lights supplier who can answer your questions about which style or type is suitable for your projects, as well as provides product recommendations. For example, if you want flood lights, you need to speak with the top supplier of this product in your location.

One way to test this is to ask the supplier a variety of questions concerning color rendering, the recommended light level, or the uniformity. If they are unable to answer your questions, or merely give a generic answer, then you may want to second-guess taking their recommendations for products.

Use the time spent talking to them to get a feel for their expertise and insight on LED lights.

2. You want to choose one that knows and works with the style(s) you want.

As mentioned earlier, the mere fact that there is such an abundance of LED products on the market means that no supplier is going to excel in every type of product. Consequently, you need to find an LED lights supplier who is proficient in the types of LED products that you tend to work with and sell to your customers.

Bear in mind that LED light manufacturers are not created equal, and this is a worthwhile consideration when choosing between several LED light suppliers. You want to make sure that a potential LED light manufacturer has been in business for at least five years, and see whether it functions as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM).

Knowing details such as these will give you deeper insight into the manufacturer and supplier.

3. You want to choose one that satisfies your requirements of volume and time.

At the end of the day, there is no point partnering with an LED lights supplier if they are unable to work with you on your schedule. You need to be connecting with someone who is on the same page and who is going to bring more efficiency to your work, rather than more stress.

For this reason, be honest with yourself and potential LED lights suppliers about your lead time, your volume requirements, and how quickly you need to obtain the products. Prior to speaking with them, take the time to research their shipping details and inquire about the possibility of rush orders.

Additionally, speak with them about their inventory — you don’t want to start a partnership only to find out that the supplier has low or no stock of the styles that you require urgently.

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Are you a contractor yourself? How often do you work with LED lights? What helps you choose an LED light supplier? Let us know your experiences and any tips and tricks you may have picked up in the comments below!