LED Neon Flex NT11-DMX

Benefits of LED Neon Flex

Benefits of LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex, one of the most adaptable LED lighting options available today. Learn why Nakashi’s LED neon lighting solutions outperform old-fashioned glass neon and other traditional lighting choices.

Compared to conventional neon lighting, Nakashi LED lighting products are thinner, lighter, and more energy-efficient.

Imagine a high-tech light source that saves energy while providing superior illumination quality. Replace outdated LED neon lights with new, greener ones accessible via Nakashi.


Traditional neon is comprised of glass, which may easily shatter and release harmful substances. LED neon is much more durable and environmentally friendly.

LED Neon flex is also free of lead and mercury, and it complies with the ROHS directive. With our LED products, there’s no need to be concerned about mercury or lead leaking from broken lights.

Cost Saving

When compared to conventional neon, LED neon may save you up to 70% on energy expenditures! Traditional neon has a 10,000-hour life expectancy and operates at 15,000 volts. The Nakashi LED Neon has a 50,000-hour life expectancy and only needs 24 volts.

Ease of Installation

Installation of neon lights is a breeze compared to traditional neon that are very fragile and must be bent and installed by a trained craftsman. LED Neon is simple to install by using channels or clips to bend the neon to the appropriate form.

How to light up your business with LED Neon Flex

With the accessibility of neon lighting solutions provided by Nakashi, you can draw attention to a dark location, refresh a neon sign, or add border illumination to a building or structure creating just the right ambiance for your current and potential new customers.

LED neon Flex is useful for enhancing a space and highlighting items. Accent lighting, whether subtle or strong, may breathe new life into a drab design. You can utilize neon lighting practically everywhere your imagination leads you.

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